Improving Nurses’ Knowledge Through IROC File Training

Human Resource Certifications or HRC is a growing industry in United States. It has been introduced to replace the old and outdated forms of certifications. These certifications are now being considered as an essential element of a comprehensive package for employees seeking advancement in their careers. A lot of employers are seeking for individuals who hold such certifications, specifically those who are seeking for professional development in their respective fields. The following is the HRCC – IPerms Board File Review.

“The Information Protection and Computer Workforce Cyber Security Division (IPC) developed the application to provide easy access to company information for HR professionals, managers, and corporate security personnel. The program’s goal is to create a standard platform from which to communicate with company resources and personnel to ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations. Currently, there are over eighty different types of certification that can be granted to IPerms users. This is indeed a vast resource that can be quite challenging for most new comers.” – Anonymous, General Counsel, HRCC

“HRCC’s IPerms software assists in managing personal information. Employees, in turn, gain access to company databases. This feature provides a great deal of flexibility. You can either open up your file directly or save it in one of your many safekeeping formats (such as PDF). There are many other features in place to help streamline processes as well as cut down on time spent on mundane manual tasks.” – Anonymous, Human Resource Department

“IPC offers a robust set of tools and training materials to facilitate compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). They also offer online training courses and various technical support solutions.” – Anonymous, Human Resource Department

“Our company has always had high standards for our personnel and this includes our Human Resource department. Because we run such a large operation, we get several inquiries each week about IPerms. Our HR department sets up each case accordingly and handles it accordingly. Our resource department trains all employees on using this file and passing the certification.” – Anonymous, Human Resource Department

“We feel that IPerms could become a valuable tool for your company, but first we need to determine if it would be a good choice for our organization. Based on what we have seen so far, it appears that this particular product could be useful for all types of companies. Our biggest concern is making sure our employees understand the process completely. It would be nice if there was a hands-on training program, but until we know that we can’t make a final decision. It may take time to train all of your employees how to use the files, but as long as you give them the information they need to complete the application process, they should be able to do it correctly. The only way you will know for sure is through extensive training.”

“I’ve been fortunate enough to get some hands-on training with the system. The entire process took less than two hours, even though the majority of the material was video and text based. Although we had a number of employees using the software at the same time, only one of them managed to complete the training successfully.” – Anonymous, Human Resources Department

“We used IPerms to track the time the nurses spent on the phones. As a result, we have been able to significantly reduce our wait time for patients.” – Anonymous, Human Resources Department

“I really liked the interactive nature of the application. We were able to upload a variety of images, along with the physicians’ notes. It was easy to navigate and the training was clear and complete.” – Anonymous, RN, Southern New Hampshire University

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