What You Should Know About the HRCI Course in Dubai

Do you want to enroll for HRIC – Human Resources Information Management Continuing Education Program in Dubai or any other country? Well, I can help you. In fact, I have prepared this article just for you. In here, you will find some information which will help you prepare the application for a program like this.

What is HRIC? According to Wikipedia, “HR Consulting (Human Resource Data Management) is a process by which an organization’s human resources department collects, synthesizes, and makes accessible to the workers relevant human resource information. The information may pertain to the identification, allocation, and transfer of resources to improve and optimize working conditions, including payroll systems, performance management systems, and other programs.” So, if you have this kind of a background, then you must know what the HRIC course is all about. This program is provided by some companies for their employees.

If you are from the world in which information technology and computer software are used heavily, then you must know what to expect from such a course. This is because they teach you how to handle applications using such technology. Besides, you will also learn how to implement them in an efficient manner so that your work will be made easier. This program is a good stepping stone for an MBA in Dubai or any other location.

So, what do you need for taking up this course? First of all, you need to make sure that you have completed your bachelor’s degree in business or any related field. Furthermore, you will also need to pass an examination conducted by the National Foundation for Credit Management (NFCC) in order to be considered for the HRIC course in Dubai. This course is offered by the UAE Ministry of Labor & Social Investment & Development (MPSID) and is valid for a period of five years upon graduation.

Now, what is the best way to enroll for the program? It is better to contact the relevant authorities so that you can know what to expect from the course. In addition to that, you must also understand the course requirements before you can register for the program. For that purpose, you can refer to the course program requirements found on the web. However, you must remember that you are required to successfully complete the program in order to get the certificate.

If you already have your mind set on the matter, you may proceed to register for the program. However, it is highly recommended that you take the first session as a refresher to allow you to catch up with the course content as well as prepare for the final exams. You can then go ahead and enroll for the second and the third sessions. Just make sure that you attend to all three sessions as they will help you in preparing for the final exams.

One thing that you must know before seeking the course certification is that it will only be offered for those who are physically fit. So if you suffer from any health condition including diabetes, heart ailments and hypertension, you may not be allowed to get into the HRI course. Therefore, it is important for you to visit your doctor for a check up before you start any course.

After you have successfully completed the course, you can get the HRI course certification. The program allows you to work in different companies in Dubai including human resources departments and recruitment agencies. You should know that the course completion is granted after you pass the written and practical examinations as well as the field tests. With these, you can definitely work in the field and enjoy a good salary.

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