Dubai Offers Many Shrimp Options

The sad news is that Shrmim certification isn’t yet offered in Dubai. Many businesses, even those that are legally registered, are not offering it. This is a real shame, and one that does not have to be. Companies that do offer Shrmim certification in Dubai can do so at a significantly discounted price through the … Continue Reading

Which Is Easier – HRci Or Shrm?

Which is easier HRci orshrm, the ever-evolving concept that has taken the world of work by storm. HRci stands for Human Resource Computer, and HRm stands for Human Resources Management, and the two are becoming one. The popularity of this field has spawned many companies offering training programs that will certify your skills as a … Continue Reading

HR Training Courses in Abu Dhabi

There are many HR training courses in Abu Dhabi but only a few are accepted by the government as legitimate training programs. It is a sad reality that most of the companies which have been taking advantage of the cheapest labor force available in the world do not have one of these programs anymore. The … Continue Reading

HR Training in Dubai

There are many HR training institutes offering HR training courses in Dubai, which can be a great option to consider and enroll yourself in. The rates are good and the quality of the courses is very good. But the one big thing that I observed about the HR training courses offered in Dubai was that … Continue Reading

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