HRci Phrases – Practice & Reviews

The Human Resources Continuing Education (HR CI) Phrases practice test is a type of aptitude assessment tool that allows a candidate to gauge his aptitudes in information technology (IT) and HR management. This tool has been specifically designed for those who are already certified or are preparing to take the CI certification exam. These tools … Continue Reading

HR CI and Shrm Certification – Build a Better Workplace Now

The HRci and SRM Certification is a globally recognized qualification recognized by many employers. It covers most of the occupational areas of Chartered Surveyors, Human Resources Managers, Accountants, Finance Professionals, Advertising Professionals, Communications professionals and Marketing Managers. The course includes relevant and focused content divided into several learning modules delivered in a short period of … Continue Reading

What Is an HRci Phrci Certificate?

HRuci PHR CI.0 certification is one of the most sought after certifications in today’s job market. It can be taken in a two-hour online course that will cover everything from basic HR and payroll management to benefits, labor policies and practices, ethics and law enforcement. As of the writing of this article, there are approximately … Continue Reading

Human Resources Courses in Dubai

Human resources courses in Dubai are provided by many companies. But only a few provide such courses imparting effective human resources training to its trainees. The HRD course imparts skills that the employees use in their daily duties and this helps them perform better and increase the productivity of the company. The human resources courses … Continue Reading

HR Online Courses in UAE

Human Resources Online Courses in UAE is available to those seeking a career in HR. Many of these courses will prepare you to work in the Middle East, particularly Dubai and Saudi Arabia. The knowledge and skills you gain from these courses will prepare you for specialized employment in these countries. These courses will also … Continue Reading

HR Courses In Dubai University

Studying HR courses in Dubai University is a great option for those who are interested in furthering their education and acquiring new skills which will help them get employed in the right organization. The job opportunities in the field of HR are very much available and with the passage of time, the options are increasing … Continue Reading

HR Studies in Dubai

Human resource department in Dubai is growing with the pace of times and there is a thriving career in HR Studies in Dubai as well. If you are seeking a rewarding, flexible and exciting career then it would be very wise if you chose to join this field in Dubai. The main aim of any … Continue Reading

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