Which HR Certification Is Better?

I’m often asked which HR Certification is better, refresher or continuing education. The answer is that it depends on which field you’re trying to secure a job in. In today’s challenging economy many employers are looking for candidates who have worked in the program they’re recruiting in as well as completing their training and certification. … Continue Reading

HR Training in Dubai

There are many HR training institutes offering HR training courses in Dubai, which can be a great option to consider and enroll yourself in. The rates are good and the quality of the courses is very good. But the one big thing that I observed about the HR training courses offered in Dubai was that … Continue Reading

HR Courses in Dubai

There are many HR courses in Dubai offering a wide range of learning experiences. These programs provide valuable knowledge on how to motivate and entice high-performing employees to rise up the corporate ladder. Some of the benefits offered by such courses include: enhanced skills, new strategies and improved business operations. To facilitate this, there are … Continue Reading

Which Is Better I’d Or Shrm?

Which is better Cipd and SRS? This is a common question in many business offices. With numerous HR professionals claiming, “It’s my business, I do what I want to do,” this debate rages on. In actuality, the best option depends on your current goals and objectives. There are many benefits of both CIPD and SRS, … Continue Reading

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