HCRF: An Introduction

If your Human Resources Department is making an error in training its Human Resources personnel, it is time to look into the possibility of correcting coursework for HRCR, or “Human Resources Coursework for Reserve Officers.” The acronym HRCR is a far too familiar name to have with regard to military or other vocations. Many of the names are interchangeable with words that are familiar only to those in the armed forces. As in many similar situations, there are good reasons why the acronyms are employed. And there are bad reasons as well.

There are numerous problems with the way this name is used, both by those who design the courses and those who teach them. The most common is that the acronyms confuse those whom they are meant to train. For example, a Reserve Officers ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corp) designation often stands for Reserve Officers Training Corps. Another variation is the abbreviated form HRSC, indicating a Reserve Officers Training Corps or ROTC. Sometimes, the abbreviation” Reserved” or “iments” is used instead of” Reserve Officers,” indicating the fact that those who graduate from the program are not eligible for promotion or advancement within the Regular Army or Air Force.

Often, the confusion stems from the fact that “Human Resource” is also used as a generic term. In any event, HRCR is intended to apply to those who support or are part of the armed forces. It is an entirely separate entity from Military Service Staff, or MSS, or the staff who prepare field manuals, battle plans, etc. For instance, while a reservist may be part of a National Guard unit but not of the Army, he would still be qualified to take an exam for a Human Resources Management class. The same holds true for a National Guard enlistee who goes on to become a staff member of the Air Force.

When applying for a federal job or qualifying for a federal loan or scholarship program, military personnel must provide proof of RIR status. However, there are some exceptions, particularly when applying for state or local boards and commissions. Applicants may use the Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN) to verify their federal status. There are some states, such as Florida, which do not require military affiliation pilots to submit an FEIN, but will require their full name and address, regardless.

An important qualification needed by military personnel who want to qualify for federal jobs or education programs is a Degree in Military Reservation and Employment (DMR&E) from an accredited college or university. To be considered for federal or state jobs, military personnel must also meet minimum qualifications established by their states’ DMR&E agencies. There are several colleges and universities that offer military scholarships and grants to degree candidates who are members of patriotic organizations. Such scholarships and grants are specifically targeted to encourage patriotic applicants to return to school and complete further studies. For example, in the last few years the Defense College Scholarships Program, or DCS Scholarship Program was developed to increase the opportunities for armed forces personnel, or RIF, as college students are often called, to pursue post-secondary education. The D MR&E scholarships and grants for education in particular help those who wish to serve in the military be able to achieve their education goals.

Military personnel interested in pursuing a higher education have many options, including contacting the nearest military college or university and applying directly. Contacting the college or university directly, however, can be difficult for those not familiar with the process. Applying via the internet can make the process of applying for a federal loan or scholarship simpler and much more direct. Some websites provide contact information for local or state colleges, as well as other information needed by military personnel in order to submit an application.

Some online resources include websites that provide application forms and contact information for the different universities offering federal student aid. Students interested in studying at an approved college or university should look on their campuses to find the details about what is offered. Most colleges and universities have websites that outline what is required of potential students. A list of college courses that can be used for accredited military training is usually included, as is a list of universities that offer federal funding. Additional information about applying for the aforementioned programs is also available on many websites, as are examples of a successful HRC IRR application and a welcome letter.

Military personnel have a number of options when it comes to fulfilling their desire to become an officer in the military. Some choose to train as an officer through a RIF or commissioned officer training program (OCT). Others may use the standard nine-month Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program. Those wishing to become military personnel may complete a federal Student Aid Report (STR) and submit it to the Federal Student Aid Office (FEO). For those already in the service, there are numerous channels of communication that allow those who have earned an IRR to work towards financial aid for their chosen colleges or universities.

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