Army HQ RCI – Military Risk Plan

Army High Recruitment Command (AHRC) is an innovative mobile recruiting technology that integrates with an Army Regional Recruiting Information Network (ARN). By using a Mobile Enterprise Resource Cell (MERS), the Army can quickly find, classify, and schedule field representatives. For companies who do not currently have or use a mobile recruitment platform, there is an abundance of current and retired military who will gladly share their experiences. Many of whom are willing to share their phone numbers so that you can contact them.

How many times have you been called by someone on the strength of a phone number that you do not recognize? You might have had a legitimate need for a military recruiter to discuss an employment opportunity or sign you up for a training course. What better way to find out who that person was calling than by utilizing their phone number and entering it into an online form?

If the number is available and applicable, then submit the information. Otherwise, the system automatically exits your submission and moves on to another candidate. The system is HIPAA compliant, so information you provide will remain private between the company and you and secure from misuse. As long as you register your phone number, you will have access to your database of candidates, and they will have access to your personal profile.

Registration requires details such as name, address, phone number and email address. Once you have registered, your number will appear on the front screen of the Army HRCR website. All prospective applicants can view your personal profile, along with information on past and ongoing training courses. You can search for jobs based on your geographical location, level of experience, and whether you are looking to fill a specific role or fill multiple roles. You may also be able to apply for multiple positions at once by providing different information, or different dates of availability.

Training is provided in modules that are scheduled to last one year. However, some training courses require less than one year, while others may last as long as two years. Regardless, you must complete all modules within the timeframe outlined by your specific company and pass the final examination. Once you have successfully completed training, you will need to take an exam. If you do not pass the first time, you may continue to attend classes, or take the exam again.

Once you successfully complete your training, you will be required to take a practical test and complete a final examination. If you pass this examination, you will be issued a Military Risk Policy, or MSP. The MSP will detail the type of employment you are qualified for based on your Military Risk Category, and give you specific instructions about the types of employment the military will accept for you, including what type of phone number you can use to apply for employment.

Once you successfully complete the training course, you will then be assigned an MSP number. Your MSP will be included on your uniform if and when you are discharged from your service. You can also obtain a list of numbers that are authorized to use your MSP number. Your company should provide you with the number on your next MFP or payroll statement. The military is aware that there are numerous incidents of MSP violations; therefore, they monitor your code number(s) to ensure that your number is correctly used by your company.

There are a variety of benefits to utilizing an MSP for your personal military experience. In addition to your MSP number, your name will appear on your uniform in case you are given an award. In addition, the MSP will keep you up to date on any changes in the military workplace.

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