HR CI for Study Books

The HRci Phrise eBook is a comprehensive resource for the management of human resources. Specifically, the eBook discusses topics that include assessing organizational change, defining and monitoring talent and skills, developing and implementing an effective compensation and benefits package, identifying and managing performance goals, implementing a benefits-based learning approach, managing staffing and staff, identifying and … Continue Reading


If you are a current or retired HR professional and have never heard of HR CIPS, it is simply an acronym for “Human Resource Certificate of Qualification.” It is simply a diploma that can be renewed every four years, in order to keep a certificate of qualification active. In order to renew this certification, you … Continue Reading

How to Ace the HR CI Question Books

There are several HR CIophen examsleading exam dumps on the Internet. One such dump is a collection of several hundred phr test questions, and the answer keys to all of them can be found in an easily downloadable PDF file. This kind of study resource is certainly the best way for you to study for … Continue Reading

Learn About HRci Phrases Verification

HRci Phrases Verification is a program that can be utilized by those in the health care industry, such as nurses and other support staff. This is a vital HR department tool which helps to ensure that all employees who are certified or registered nurses to meet the criteria set out by the Health Insurance Portability … Continue Reading

UAE Business School Offers HR Certification

HR Certification in UAE is a great choice to obtain a post-graduate qualification in human resources management. This advanced education program is offered by many leading business schools, both online and offline. In most cases, the courses offered are focused on the areas of operations and personnel management, administration, finance and accounting, information systems and … Continue Reading

How to Find HRci Sample Quizzes

Most recently HRuci released a series of sample PHRIs for those who are seeking to apply for the Certification in Human Resources (CHRO) or Certified Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) programs. These sample questions are meant to serve as a guideline for potential candidates on the pathway to obtaining their CHRO or CPHR certification. The … Continue Reading

Review of HRMI PRP Exam

HRci PHR CI Prep – powered by Pearson education is a comprehensive mobile-friendly self-paced online course that will help you prepare for the HREQ certification exam. HREQ is the largest industry group in the United Kingdom and focuses on professional development and career management. The HREQ Certification exams were previously administered by the U.S. Department … Continue Reading

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