HR Courses in Dubai

There are many HR courses in Dubai offering a wide range of learning experiences. These programs provide valuable knowledge on how to motivate and entice high-performing employees to rise up the corporate ladder. Some of the benefits offered by such courses include: enhanced skills, new strategies and improved business operations. To facilitate this, there are companies that have set up their own HR department here in Dubai.

Companies are always in need of capable and motivated staff. They have recruitment and retention issues that often hamper the growth and development of their organizations. HR has a vital role in such recruitment processes, since it facilitates the employment of people with skills and knowledge of the latest trends and developments in the industry. Hence, it is essential to develop an efficient human resource management system in order to attract and hire the best HR professionals.

With the advent of the internet, there are numerous HR courses in Dubai that one can pursue. Most of these training courses are available online and a person can attend these courses from anywhere in the world. Moreover, a person does not need to visit or move to Dubai to earn the relevant training. This makes it all the more beneficial as it enables people from different corners of the world to achieve similar HR goals. Companies use their HR departments to complement their efforts in recruiting top talent.

The demand for skilled and experienced HR personnel is ever-increasing. The chief aim of any company in this day and age is to maximize its profit margins and meet the legal requirements of doing business in an offshore manner. Hence, companies are increasingly focusing towards developing their human resources departments to reap in the benefits that a highly skilled and motivated HR professional can bring to the organization. Some of the popular HR training courses in Dubai include:

Human Resources Performance Management and HR Certification Dubai are a hub for the recruitment of skilled and experienced professionals with the goal of maximizing the productivity and profit of the organization. There are several institutes that offer specialized programs that focus on the development and management of human resources. These courses help to groom the next generation of talented employees who can deliver high quality services in the best possible manner. Some of the programs offered by leading institutes in Dubai include:

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a four-year program offered by leading institutions of Dubai. This course has an overall curriculum of study that covers a wide range of topics such as strategic planning, talent management, personal qualities, development plans, organizational development, recruitment, career development, payroll systems and compensation systems. The program also provides specialization areas such as labor relations, skills and talent management, sales and marketing, health and safety, talent acquisition and development, executive coaching, recruitment analysis and management, recruitment technology and HR implementation, hr planning and strategy, and hr administration. Once a student enrolls for this program, he/she can expect to enter into a world of high potential opportunities, continuous learning and constant growth. Dubai is fast emerging as a hub for outsourcing and international talent.

Labor Management (LPM) is one of the two main HR courses in Dubai, which is affiliated to the Foursquare program. This course is focused on skills development and career planning and is offered by leading companies and human resource departments across the globe. Under this program students learn the skills necessary for managing the entire work force from entry level to management level and beyond. This program enables graduates to develop the management and leadership skills needed in the thriving labor market of Dubai.

Talent Management (TQM) is another program offered in Dubai, which focuses on providing the necessary education and skills to emigrants to enhance their job prospects in the Middle East. The program is designed to train skilled and semi-skilled workers for the growth and development of the emirate’s economy. TQM students who successfully complete the program earn an associate degree diploma which is required to be renewed every two years. UAE national employment legislation strictly prohibits employers from hiring non UAE national workers to do the jobs for which they are trained or certified, so this course is especially beneficial to those who have recently moved to the emirate.

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