Skills Reaped From HR Institute in Dubai

For those who have a limited skill set, or lack thereof, the HR Institute in Dubai can provide the experience of acquiring the skills and knowledge base to be successful in the corporate world. This global community offers both full-time programs as well as part time learning options. Those wishing to gain a certification in human resources can complete a two-year associate degree through the International Academy of Human Resources (AHRT) at HR Institute in Dubai. With over twenty years experience in training and development, the school is recognized as one of the top three international institutes in the United States for those seeking a career in human resource management.

Internationally, the School of Industrial and Labor Relations was established in the early 1990s to provide a program specifically geared towards the needs of the United States labor market. The course curriculum includes theory and policy development, educational and technical skills development, management training, and specialized graduate internships. Those wishing to become an HR manager can complete their four-year program at the school and earn an associate degree. Those pursuing a bachelor’s degree in HR can complete an advanced degree program with a focus on strategic planning, performance management, and HR management. This program also allows students the opportunity to specialize in areas such as human resources administration, compensation and benefit administration, and recruitment and selection.

A program at the International Academy of Human Resources and Social Service has received praise from the United Nations and the International Labor Organization. Students can expect to learn skills related to motivating and encouraging workers; understanding the law and regulations related to employment practices; managing social policies; developing strategies to manage conflicts and improve employee relations. Those wishing to become a practicing therapist can complete a four year degree program through the university at the International Labor Organization Institute. The program will help graduates gain knowledge in legal mediation skills, basic laws and regulations related to social services, employment, labor rights, occupational safety and health, and other related laws.

The Dubai Health and Safety Authority offer several training programs in the health field. These include emergency medical services, basic nursing skills, emergency medical technician training and basic surgery skills. Those wishing to be certified as an Emergency Nurse can complete a two-year course certification at the institute. Those wishing to become a qualified midwife can complete a four-year training program at the Dubai Health and Safety Authority. Students will learn midwife skills, including prenatal care, giving care instructions, controlling bleeding and childbirth procedures, managing pain and childbirth complications, giving electrocardiograph instructions, and recognizing symptoms of pregnancy-related conditions.

Job seekers can also complete a six-month intensive training program at the HR Institute in Dubai. The program provides students with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to succeed in the ever changing job market. It also trains students to successfully interact with both fellow employees and management in an international environment. Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to apply new skills in an individual career context.

Those wishing to be a pharmaceutical representative can complete a two year program at the HR Institute in Dubai. This program is designed to prepare pharmaceutical representatives from various regions of the world. The program focuses on preparing candidates for the entry-level pharmaceutical job and also candidates who wish to specialize in a certain area of the field. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be prepared to engage in dynamic and challenging employment opportunities in pharmaceutical companies.

During their final semester of training, students can choose to either continue their studies at the HR Institute in Dubai or look for employment opportunities with a local or international company. The graduate will be well prepared to negotiate salary scales and other employee benefits. They will also be well trained in areas such as safety and security at work and business ethics. Most importantly, graduates will be well able to communicate effectively and relate to a diverse set of people.

The HR Institute in Dubai offers a diverse program that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application. Students will acquire skills that will enable them to pursue rewarding careers in the international and domestic job markets. Graduates will gain valuable skills in communication, organization, finance and accounting. In addition to all of this, they will have excellent skills set which employers are looking for today.

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