An Informative Review of HRci Phrases

HRci PHR Code Prep – Powered by Pearson Education is the third video training and certification course from HRci, a leading provider of online training in healthcare management and related specialties. The two prior courses, HRci PHR Code Prep: Security and Safety for the Workplace and HRci PHR Code Study – Powered by Pearson Education, both satisfied customer reviews. In fact, they are two of the most popular training courses in the industry. And like all other Pearson education training courses, the new Code is designed to help prepare you for certification exams.

The primary goal of this course is to prepare students to pass the Certified Human Resume (CHRS) exam. In addition to that, this three-credit hour training course includes four CDs-including one with lectures and the second with practice tests-designed to prepare students for the CNA license exam. The remaining CD-ROM covers topics such as: business communication, critical thinking, medical transcription, information systems, nursing and social work, and supervision. All the books and videos in the package also have previously published research.

While all the contents of the HRci PHR Code Prep – Powered by Pearson Education CD-ROMs are based on previous studies and practical application, none of the content is considered novel. In fact, the authors are careful to point out the many practical applications of the theory presented in the courses. In this respect, the programs are more similar to those offered by other employers. The book contains chapters on current CHRS requirements, the legal framework surrounding the exam, the role of employers and employees, and the current compensation system. One might call the book a textbook.

But in my opinion, the most useful component of the book is the practice exams given at the end of each chapter. Unlike in the prior training courses, the practice exams cover topics that are relevant to the certification exams and do not attempt to test advanced knowledge. Furthermore, the test is designed so that the questions do not rely on memorization. Thus, even those who studied the material for years would still find it quite easy to answer these questions. I would say that the study manual is indeed well written and contains useful information regarding the different areas that should be covered when taking the certification exams.

But the best part of this HRci Phrases review is the video section. There is no doubt that video is always a great way to reinforce your learning, especially when it comes to the topics that you cannot get enough information about during a regular lecture session. The HRci PHR Code Prep – Powered by Pearson Education is no exception, with each video ranging from thirty seconds to forty-five minutes long. You can pause anytime in between to do some more reading or review if needed and rewind the recording whenever necessary.

Another thing that this course does well is that it prepares you for the real life simulation exams that will come your way. As an example, in the case where you will have to take the CompTIA A+ or other such certification exams, you will learn how to do a simulated work under the supervision of experts. Thus, you do not need any previous knowledge at all to pass the exams. And since this course is designed to cover all topics, even the basics are covered. No matter what computer language you know (such as C++, Perl, Python, R), you will find everything covered in this one of a kind course.

However, one thing that this course may lack is support after completion. Unlike most online courses, HRci Phrases does not offer any support once you have finished the entire course. In addition, although they offer both online and classroom versions, it seems as though they recommend concentrating only on the online one. If you want to ask questions or receive support, you will need to contact them through email. This is also the case with the classroom version.

Overall, HRci Phrases may be lacking in some areas when compared to some of its competitors, but overall it is a very good course for all those who are looking to make IT work for them. It’s price is rather high, but if you want to learn more about CompTIA A+ certification, this should be adequate enough to help you move forward. When you do purchase this course, you will have to take the A+ certification tests in order to be eligible to work in the field. Once you pass the exams, you will gain instant credibility and will be considered among the best in your field. As such, you will enjoy not only a better salary but greater job security as well.

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