HRci and SHRM Certified Event Planners

So you are certifying an HR Consultant for HR Analytics and Learning. You will be able to find HR Consultants on the Internet or your local library that are also certified. But what exactly does this mean to you? Are you protecting the future of your company by ensuring that the HR staff is updated with the latest in human resources?

First, you need to know that there are many different HROIs out there. As you begin to learn more about them, it becomes clear that there is only one certification that covers it all. The problem is that every HR department and employee within an organization have differing levels of understanding of what is included and covered under each HROI. This is where Certified Human Resource Professional (CHP) comes into play.

A CHP is a professional who has completed both the HR and the Human Resources courses that are offered through the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The purpose of these two separate courses is to educate HR managers and human resource professionals on the role and function of these two distinct types of professionals in their organizations. In addition to this, the courses provide employees and managers with the information they need to effectively run an efficient and productive human resource management department and/or HROI. In short, a CHP demonstrates that he or she has the knowledge needed to manage the complexities inherent in the field of event planning, recruitment, hiring, and firing. If you are a small business owner/personality who is interested in the best practices in event planning and recruitment, then a CHP is exactly what you are looking for. Otherwise, keep reading for what to expect from a CHP certification and what is NOT covered under one.

First off, a Certified HR Manager is not a stand-alone individual. A good CHP must be a member of the SHRM and is certified by the Human Resource Management Institute. Otherwise, he or she will not be considered a certified event planner. A CHP is someone who understands the complexity involved in HR and the resources that are required to make an effective event. Without proper understanding and resources, a CHP can waste time, energy, and resources without achieving the desired results.

Next, it is important to remember that a CHP holds no exclusive or special managerial or supervisory authority over the employees, the services, or the products of any company. A CHP is not licensed to manage events, and is not a consultant, speaker, manager, or trainer. An HRci and SRM certified event planner has a variety of responsibilities, but none is exempt from having to hold general supervisory duties. Every responsible employee must know the policies and procedures of their department and the hiring process for the organization. A good CHP provides regular training sessions and conducts refresher training on a regular basis.

Achieving certification from an HRci and SHRM accredited program is a tremendous asset in the management industry. There is no better way to assure potential and current clients that an experienced, trained, and qualified professional is overseeing their event. The training and experience of an individual receives from attending an accredited program further supports their credibility as an event planner. When potential or current clients see that an experienced, trained professional has been through an accredited program, they have greater confidence in their overall management of their organization’s affairs. They know that the expertise, skills, and professionalism exhibited by a professional HRci and SHRM certified planner is in line with the high standards of the organization.

In addition to being certified, a HRci and SHRM approved individual also possesses several additional business tools. These include: comprehensive knowledge of payroll and benefits; extensive knowledge of tax laws; knowledge of how to obtain approval and assistance for federal, state, local, and/or international permits; excellent communication skills; and, the ability to communicate efficiently through written and verbal methods. These are just a few of the business tools an individual can acquire and apply through training and certification. It’s simply a great added bonus that attending an HRci and SHRM certified program will help guarantee success in today’s ever-changing business environment.

The two organizations are continuously researching new ways to enhance their programs and services. To date, they have successfully introduced and taught HRci certified event planners and related personnel the most up-to-date information available regarding the latest in event management practices and techniques. In addition, they strive to provide their clientele with the most comprehensive, quality event planning and management education available. Both of these endeavors are driven by the desire to instill trust and confidence in their clientele. This trust and confidence are what keeps HRci and SHRM certified event planners in such high demand throughout the United States and internationally.

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