HRci Vs SHRM CP – The Key Differences

HRci PHR vs SHRM CP are one of the most popular and hot topics in the business education world today. Both terms refer to the training courses that help in obtaining a recognized certification in human resources. So, what exactly are they? Simply put, HRci refers to the Human Resources Information Management System, while SHRM CP refers to the Standardized Procedure for Registered Retirement Income, commonly known as SRRID. So if you are planning to pursue a career in human resources (HR), it is important that you know how to differentiate between these two terms.

There are differences in both terms, which are evident when comparing HRci PHR and SHRM CP. For one, HRci PHR is geared towards professionals who are already trained and working in this field. On the other hand, SHRM CP requires the training of new employees or fresh graduates. In addition, both these terms also cover the training courses that are offered in universities. The former covers only graduate or doctoral level studies while the latter includes bachelor, masters, and doctorate programs.

These differences are so obvious that even the common man might be able to tell them apart. Now, the question that arises is how one can identify the best training provider or the one that is the most reliable and credible when it comes to HRci and SHRM CP. Well, here is some help for you. First, you must understand that there are many online sources that offer training or certifications related to these terms.

You can start by browsing through the Internet, using keywords such as “hrci phr”, “shrm cp”, and “human resources certification”. This would give you the best results. Also, check the rankings and reviews for these terms. Usually, companies that are rated high would have lots of positive reviews, while those that receive low ratings would probably have negative reviews and feedback from employees.

If you are not satisfied with these results, then it would be better if you check out the business magazines or search newspapers for advertisements of local or national training providers. Again, make sure that you check the rankings and reviews closely. Keep in mind that the rankings and reviews are usually based on feedback from previous and current employees or trainees.

When it comes to the training courses that are offered by HRci and SHRM CP, there are indeed quite a few differences. First, you would have to look at the training modules that are covered. In fact, some of them cover different aspects of the job while others concentrate on one particular area or aspect. For instance, some of the training modules would provide you with study guides that would outline the theoretical and practical aspects of the job. Other courses would also include lectures about management theory and concepts.

The other difference is the type of syllabus that these two companies use. When it comes to SHRM CP, the courses are taught in a traditional classroom style. This is unlike HRci. Under this category of training, participants receive lectures and discussions from experienced and qualified employees who are encouraged to share their experiences and knowledge with fellow learners. The employees do not sit in a classroom and learn by themselves.

These are the main differences between HRci and SHRM CP. You can see that training for employees may require some preparation and assessment before you will find the appropriate option for your company. Just keep in mind that these differences do not mean that one option is better than the other. As long as you find the most effective option that fits the needs of your company and the requirements of your employees, you can go with whichever option you think will benefit your company and give you the best training.

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