What Can HRci Dubai Do For You?

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in HR, HRci Dubai could be one of your destinations. HRci Dubai is a leading employment placement firm and developer of best-in-class staffing solutions worldwide. With over 35 years of experience in recruitment and labour market solutions, HRci Dubai is at the heart of the Middle East’s booming professional business environment. HRci Dubai, along with leading global employer’s Dental Health and Human Resource International (HRHI) have come up with a unique concept – the two companies have come up with a platform that offers professionals world-class support. This unique platform allows those working in the Middle East to leverage their existing professional network to help them with recruitment needs.

In this article, I will share some of the insights that have helped me. By reading this article, I believe you will be able to gain valuable insights into what to expect from HRci Dubai. You will also be able to know if the company matches your strategic objectives. So without further delay, let us dive in!

o HRci Dubai’s platform is called “WebPages for Global talent.” This is a portal where you can upload your resume and showcase your related skills and expertise. Upon submission, you will receive a dedicated page with an application link, where you can select and upload relevant skills and expertise that pertain to your target industry. Upon approval, you can now get access to a comprehensive list of job opportunities posted by different companies across the Middle East.

o The HRci website offers various training options for their HR professionals. The most popular training option is the “Skills in HR Knowledge Network (Sikharted)” module. This module helps HR professionals interact with management and other team members in an interactive environment. You also get to learn more about basic and advanced information security, risk management, ethics, and workplace communication skills. Another popular skill enhancement option offered by HRci Dubai is the “HR Knowledge Online” module. This module equips HR professionals with the latest information on topics such as social media marketing, CRM, project management, and various others.

o HRci Dubai offers free online tutorials for those who are new to the field. Upon signing up, you can access these tutorials to help you with your career training needs. There are sections that offer basic information such as modules on general HR topics and more advanced HR training modules such as strategic goals, HR metrics, organization development, and performance management tools. You get to learn these things without having to pay any fees! On top of that, there are sections that enable you to search for job openings in Dubai.

o HRci Dubai also conducts several workshops and events regularly. Some of the most recent include HR Analytics, the Human Resources Industry Forum, and the Annual HR Industry Outlook Conference. These workshops are very helpful for HR professionals who need refresher courses or are looking for further training. You get to know how HR is used in the workplace today as well as in the past and what are the changes that are happening both in the public and private sectors. These programs also teach you the latest trends in the field and how you can use technology to your advantage. Thus, an online HRci Dubai training program is a very good investment if you want to stay ahead of the curves.

o One important thing that many people do not realize about this program is that it also offers a lot of support after you complete the course. There are several online support groups that you can join after you complete your training so that you will have someone to guide you every step of the way. This can be of immense help especially if you are still a little unsure about the ropes in this business.

Like other similar programs, HRci Dubai gives you the knowledge and skills that you need in order to succeed in the industry. But it goes beyond this. It teaches you how to make good business decisions and how to manage your business in order to reach your goals. These business opportunities that you will find in this training will propel you into the next level and give you the tools that you need in order to further your career. This is the kind of business success that no one dreams of having in their lifetime – and that is why you have to get trained and certified now!

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